People -Our vision begins and ends with our people. Attracting the best employees is a function of how you treat a company’s most valuable resource; it’s the golden rule of business.

Dedication - Work/Life balance is essential to Amerix’s success both as a company and to each of our individual employees. Hard work is rewarded and personal/family time is an always.

Growth - Personal and professional growth is a must. Amerix looks to better ourselves, both individually and as a group, each and every day. Improvement is the key to out-performing.

Integrity - Valuing our customer’s and partner’s missions as our own is essential to building and maintaining a strong reputation as the partner and provider of choice.

Results - The metrics to success are the results we produce and the standard which we hold our performance against. The foundation of who we are is built by what we have accomplished.





“In short, … I am here to make the case for strengthening our capacity to use “soft” power and for better integrating it with “hard” power."


Remarks Delivered by Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates, Kansas State University. Monday, November 26, 2007


National Security for the Next Generation

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